Pint‐Sized Plays

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Some of our winners and runners up: 


Trevor Suthers Hi Santa, Remember Me? 2008 ; Almost Perfect 2009   

David Evans  Menage a Trois (1000 feet) 2008

Doc Watson The Pub Play 2008, The Voice Over and The Granny Case 2009; The Lock In and The Pail of Water Case 2010 A Mess of Beans 2011

Nick Taylor Here After 2008

Rosey Darbishire A Stiff Drink 2008

Tom Jensen  Merger Talks 2009

Steve Lambert A Good Send Off 2009

Jerome Parisse Love and Light 2009 

Jonathan Edgington Babies 2009

Trace Crawford  The Lady and the Tyger 2010

Jeff Neuman Award Winning Entry 2010; InSex 2011  

Mya Roberts Bon Appetit 2010

Tony Cottrell  Going All the Way 2011; A Load of Bull 2012

Luke Hollands  The Mystery of te Brewers' Droop 2011

Anne Graham  Up Close and Personal 2011

Jan Sprenger  Line Dancing 2011

Mark Waghorn Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Vernon! 2011

Richard Layton  It's All in the Mind 2012

Roger Mortimer-Smith Brief Encounter 2012

Camilla Whitehill  Icebergs 2013

Lou Treleaven Brought to Book 2013

Lynn-Steven Johanson Cats and Dogs Living Together 2013

Angie Farrow Lifetime 2013

Stuart Lee The Intricate Workings of a Sherbert Lemon 2013

James Hutchison  Never Give Up 2017

Links for writers


Writers Workshop  All-round good advice and help on all aspects of writing

BBC Writer's Room  Lots of information, plus sample scripts and formats etc

Oxford University Information on Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing

Writing competitions Kudos writing competitions website

Theatres and theatre companies


Ignition  Theatre company producing new writing for touring.  The company's first show toured in Autumn 2013, called Call Me Dusty  - a show celebrating the 50th anniversary of the start of Dusty Springfield's solo career.  The folowing show 'The Railway Childeren Lady celebrated the life of children's author Edith Nesbit and toured in 2014. Both shows were written by Derek Webb 

Theatrivasles Theatre company - organisers of France's 10-minute Play Festival

Theatr Gwaun Theatre in Fishguard where the Script Slam is held.

Small World Theatre in Cardigan hosting 'Pint-sized World'

Sherman Theatre  A leading producing house in Cardiff

Almost Random Theatre  is a new theatre started in Oxford in May 2012.Their website unusually promotes any and all who have anything to do with us in terms of artists, writers even if that may lead to site visitors going elsewhere! ART is truly for everyone.

Other sites of interest the only comprehensive welsh theatre and performance web site

Tenby Festival  Arts Festival held each year in September in Tenby, Pembrokeshire

ACW The Arts Council of Wales website