Pint‐Sized Plays

What's in Pint-sized Plays Volume 3?

The latest volume of scripts will be published soon, with another great selection of 5-10 minute plays - winners and runners up from the past couple of years. For more information about each play and its author, just click on the play's title.  Some also include video clips.

The contents

Vent by Gavin Harrison

Multitasking by Christian Simonsen
Roadkill by Clare Reddaway
Lifetime by Angie Farrow
Forever True by Neil Walden
Auto-Incorrect by Bridgette Dutta Portman
Brought to Book by Lou Treleaven
Will's Dramaturg by Rich Rubin
The Intricate Workings of a Sherbet Lemon by Stuart Lee
The Sweet Smell of Lemon by Simon Birkbeck
Sorry by Emma Pitt
Icebergs by Camilla Whitehill
Ruby and Pearl by Jaye Swift
Dogs and Cats Living Together by Lynn-Steven Johanson
Mr. Robertson’s Blood Test by Lou Treleaven
T'annoy by Rob Taylor
The Weatherman by Giles Cole
Rachel Says by Brian Coyle
Knight Intruder by Dorothy Lambert
Eternity by Elan David Garonzik