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Having no competition this year because of Covid, we ran a special show featuring a number of great plays from the beginning of Pint-sized Plays in 2008.  They were on October 1 at The Queens Hall, Narberth and Ocotber 2 at Theatr Gwaun in Fishguard - where we ususally hold our Script Slam. And the audiences loved it!  Check out the videos now by clicking on the Script Slam tab.
The featured plays are:
A Night to Remember by Andrew Turner
Carol: Jackie Williams
Nigel: Gary Crane
Marc: Roger Leese
Directed by Cynthia Jennings
Winner in 2016
Two Woofs for Yes by Neil Walden
Brenda: Allison Butler
Ted: Steve Butler
Directed by Sarah Sherriff
Runner Up in 2016
Bottle for a Special Occasion by Bill Kovacsik
Martin: Bern Smith
Judith: Jean Smith
Runner Up in 2018
The Next Ivan Shiransky by Jim Geoghan
Ida: Carol Macintosh
Carl: Nick Wears
Directed by Carol Macintosh
Winner in 2020
Pub Play by Doc Watson
Man: Roger Leese
Woman: Jackie Williams
Extra: Steve Butler
Directed by Derek Webb
Runner Up in 2008
The Emperor's New Clothes by Derek Webb
Dave: Nick Wears
Brian: Adam Edgerley
Pub Landlady: Sarah Sherriff
Directed by Sarah Sherriff
Runner Up in 2015
Never Give Up by James Hutchison
Todd: Gary Crane
Nigel: Ben Gabel
Directed by Cynthia Jennings
Winner in 2017

Vent by Gavin Harrison
Lisa: Andrea Thomas
Derek: Nick Wears
Kelvin: Steve Butler
Directed by Carol Macintosh
Winner in 2014
Attack of the Killer Banana Spider by John Moorhouse
Josh: Tom Wears
Sol: JakeWears
Directed by Bobbie Sheldrake
Winner in 2015
A Little Scotchie by John Spooner
Stephen: Bern Smith
Rachel: Anna Munro
Directed by Sarah Sherriff
Runner Up in 2020
Mrs Thrale Lays on Tea! by Rob Taylor
Mrs Thrale: Jackie Williams
Dr Johnson: Nick Wears
Polly: Melissa Pettitt
Directed by Derek Webb
Winner in 2018
NOTE: 'Winner' or 'Runner Up' refers to the writing competition not necessarily the Script Slam 


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