Pint‐Sized Plays


2020 Results

We're very pleased to be able to announce the winners and runners up in this year's competition. There was enormous number of very good plays entered, so our six winners and four runners up deserve a big pat on the back to have beaten so many to the top slots.  Because of the current situation it has not been possible to perform the plays as we normally would, so we've taken the decision to video them put them up on YouTube - so they'll actually get a much larger audience than usual! Not only that but we'll be having a Virtual Script Slam which anyone (as long as they've registered) can vote in. Voting closes on November 5 and we'll announce the results shortly after.


The six winning plays are, in alphabetical order: 

Along Any Minute by William Andrew Patterson

Arm Wars by Chris Morrow

Dating with Dostoyevsky by Chloe Banks

How Did We Do? by Angela Jane Pressland

Love in Lockdown? by Bart Meehan

The Next Ivan Sharansky by Jim Geoghan

And the four runners up are:
A Little Scotchie by John Spooner

Crossed Wires by Rob Taylor

Dinner & Destiny by Dennis Jones

My Hero by Tony Domaille


See them all here!


We're very pleased to say that the results reflect the international nature of the Pint-sized Plays writing competition too, with winners from the USA,  Northern Ireland and Australia as well as the UK!


The 2020 Shortlist


2020 Hindsight Barry Hood
A Little Scotchie John Spooner
A Price to Pay Tony Domaille
Accountant from Hell Barry Wood
Affair Sans George Simon Birkbeck
Along Any Minute William Andrew Patterson
Annika's Gifts Margie Semilof
Apocalypse Then? Tony Domaille
Arm Wars Chris Morrow
Artist Unknown Nicky Denovan
Bees Paul Sherman
Beware One Five Zero Tony Vale
Birdie Rob Taylor
Birds of a Feather Keith Johnson
Boyfriend in a Coma Richard Layton
Conquest Of The World! Robert Taylor
Crossed Wires Rob Taylor
Cuts Rob Taylor
Dating with Dostoyevsky Chloe Banks
Death of a Solomon Barry Wood
Dinner & Destiny Dennis Jones
Doppelganger Barry Wood
Expectations Jennifer O'Grady
How Did We Do? Angela Jane Pressland
I, spy... Simon Birkbeck
In the Same Boat William Hatchett
Last Trip To Paris Myles Lind
Love in Lockdown? Bart Meehan
Mousehole Jamie Cowperthwait
My Baby Janet Duignan
My Hero Tony Domaille
My One True Love Emma Pitt
Oh, You Greg Cummings
One for the Road Alice Henley
Peaches and chocolate Charles Essex
Professor Chumley Pokes Bogey Craig Gustafson
Putting on the Dog Kate Ashley
Rabbit, Rabbit Jean Trew
Robert Lowry Bethany Dickens
Secret Strategy Barry Wood
Sex, Lies and Styrofoam Arianna Rose
Small World Fraser May
Steal Away Robert Taylor
Terms and Conditions Molly Horan
The Bawdy Bard Barry Wood
The Interview John Maskey
The Next Ivan Sharansky Jim Geoghan
The Office Doc Watson
There's a Fly in My Soup Chris Naylor
There's an Elephant Downstairs Sherry Morris
Too Many Feet v2 June Allen
Two Birds Megan Smith
Unlimited Service Nicky Denovan
What If? Clare Day


The 2020 Longlist 

2020 Hindsight
A Greta Moment
A Little Scotchie
A Man Walks Into A Bar
A Price To Pay
Accountant From Hell
Affair Sans George
Along Any Minute
Annika's Gifts
Apocalypse Then?
Arm Wars
Artist Unknown
Backstage With The Animal Wranglers
Beware One Five Zero
Birds Of A Feather
Boyfriend In A Coma
Conquest Of The World!
Considerate Neighbours
Crossed Wires
Dame Stops Play
Dating With Dostoyevsky
Death Of A Solomon
Dinner & Destiny
Discussion In A Railway Carriage
Don't Stay In There Too Long
Everything Must Go!
Fun And Games
Godiva Chocolate And A Diet Coke
Grammatically Speaking
Honeymoon Whirlwind
How Did We Do?
I, Spy...
Identity Theft
In The Same Boat
Infrequent Flier
It's A Beautiful Moon
Last Trip To Paris
Love In Lockdown?
Monsters Monsters Everywhere
Movie Reel
Mr Trombone Man
My Baby
My Hero
My One True Love
No Wifi
Nobody's Business
Oh, You
One For The Road
Peace, Baby
Peaches And Chocolate
Plenty Of Choice
Professor Chumley Pokes Bogey
Putting On The Dog
Rabbit, Rabbit
Robert Lowry
Secret Strategy
Sex, Lies And Styrofoam
Small World
Steal Away
Terms And Conditions
The Alpha And Omega
The Bawdy Bard
The Girls Are Going To Have Fun
The Interview
The Judas Figure
The Last Deck Chair In The Resort
The Life Goes ...
The Looks Department
The Mp And The Pit
The Next Ivan Sharansky
The Office
The Other Guy
The Riverbank. Once More
The Visitor
The Wrong Men
There's A Fly In My Soup
There's An Elephant Downstairs
Tiny Swan
Too Many Feet V2
Tree Audition
Two Birds
Unlimited Service

Well Done Dave and the Incredible Melting Men
We Need To Talk About Roger
Welded Bliss
What If?
Who Am I?
Whose Side Are You On?


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