Pint‐Sized Plays

Some pics from our performances at the Brighton Fringe May 2015

All in the Mind by Richard Layton

Pics from our 2013 pub performances!

A selection of shots taken during actual performances in pubs during the 2013 Pint-sized Plays Festival.

Roadkill with Gwen Watson and Nick Wears in The Mariners, Haverfordwest

Dogs and Cats Living Together in The Normandie, Tenby with Roger Leese and Siobhan Ashe

Eternity in the Buccaneer, Tenby with Cheryl Rayner and Gary Crane

Icebergs with Roger Leese and Maya Donnelly

Brought to Book with Annette Williams, Richard James and Sarah Sherriff in the Galloping Major, Tenby

Auto-incorrect with Siobhan Ashe and Nick Lees in The Normandie, Tenby

Knight Intruder with Nick Wears, Cheryl Rayner and Richard James in the Five Arches, Tenby

Forever True with Roger Leese and Maya Donnelly (not pictured) in The Crown, Tenby

Lifetime with Gwen Watson and Gary Crane in The Galloping Major, Tenby

The Intricate Workings of A Sherbet Lemon with Siobhan Ashe, Annette Williams and Dickie Llewellin (not pictured)


2012 pub performances

And some shots from the performances in 2012

'All in the Mind' by Richard Layton


 'Driving Mr Diddy' by Mandy Bannon

'Tightrope' by Rob Taylor - with Allison and Steve Butler


'Triangles' by Nigel Pocknell

'Role Play' by Charles Rattenbury


















'Twins' by Stuart Crafton




























Play the Game by William Patterson





















Brief Encounter by Roger Mortimer Smith